Free Download Happyvrc Vrchat Client Showcase Works After Eac Update

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VRChat HEX Client Showcase - (POST EAC)

Hex Client is a C++ VRChat Utility Tool made by Soloo and Love. In this video, I showcase Hex's features. Hex has full VR support ...

*New* VR Green Client - VRChat EAC Bypass

In today's video I will be showing you a VRChat Client! Join the Discord! This video is for only educational ...

HEX Client - VRChat EAC Bypass

Just to be clear, the lag you sometimes see is in the video only since the cheat is streamproof so I had to use an untraditional ...

The "Security" Update

Thanks Devs, the band aid you applied is starting to slip.

VRChat Crashing w/littleghoul & BLXPSI

Testing out new avatars with friends ;)