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Eating WEIRD Japanese snacks so you don't have to || Strangest snacks from 7-Eleven Japan

In this video we're eating weird Japanese snacks so you don't have to! We picked up the strangest snacks from our local 7-Eleven ...

Japan Convenience Store - 7/11 Snack Haul Japan Vlog

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Lunch at Japan's 7-11 #shorts #japan #711 #japanesefood #ramen

So who's coming to lunch with us?

Cute & Yummy Snack From 7-Eleven Japan | Milky (Peko-chan) Ice Monaka 🍬🍦

What I got from a convenience store: Milky (Peko-chan) Ice Monaka Price: 174 JPY What do you think? TRY or PASS?

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Today, we tried 7-Eleven's miso soup with vegetables. Let me know what you thought, and SUBSCRIBE for more :) Check out my ...

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These cherry blossom sweets are everything.