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*New* VR Green Client - VRChat EAC Bypass

In today's video I will be showing you a VRChat Client! Join the Discord! This video is for only educational ...

VRChat HEX Client Showcase - (POST EAC)

Hex Client is a C++ VRChat Utility Tool made by Soloo and Love. In this video, I showcase Hex's features. Hex has full VR support ...

VRChat Crashing w/littleghoul & BLXPSI

Testing out new avatars with friends ;)

HEX Client - VRChat EAC Bypass

Just to be clear, the lag you sometimes see is in the video only since the cheat is streamproof so I had to use an untraditional ...

The problem with VRChat's Easy Anti Cheat

turns out you can just end the EasyAntiCheat process using task manager and you can easily bypass it.


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VRchat EAC Drama be like

This took way longer than it should've to make …if the situation goes south, this video is probs going to kill my channel.

VRchat EAC Talk

The EAC update that everyone hates due to it disabling mods in VRchat and the reason the community and myself are moving ...