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Teacher Tells Student His Business Idea Won't Work... #shorts

This is the success story of Todd Graves, owner of Raising Cane's Chicken. If you are interested in business leave a like and sub ...

Kindergarten Teacher Tells Her Class She's Pregnant #shorts

This kindergarten teacher has some exciting news. She's showing her students an ultrasound, as they try to guess what it is.

13-year-old's father confronts teacher who sexually abused his son

Police have released audio of a phone call in which the boy's father confronted teacher Brittany Zamora. For an update on this ...

When Your Mom Tells You Something's Dangerous #Shorts

When Your Mom Tells You Something's Dangerous #Shorts.

Students React to Kindergarten Teacher's Adorable Pregnancy Announcement

'I'm Having a Baby!': These Las Vegas kindergarten students went wild when their teacher surprised them with the news she was ...