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The Crashers of VRChat

If I get dual 3090s, then there's no way I can get crashed! Thanks to aezuki and angy for talking with me about crashers!

VRChat Crashing w/littleghoul & BLXPSI

Testing out new avatars with friends ;)

VRChat's BIGGEST Problem: Crashers

Man do I hate crashers. One second your having a nice conversation with some cool people you just met, the next your standing ...

My Crasher avatar

yes i know some of it is cringe the potatos discord #vrchat #crasher #crashers.

VRChat and It's Crashers..

HI OMG IM SO SORRY THIS VIDEO TOOK SO LONG TO COME OUT!!! I hope that you enjoy me and some of the VRChat ...

Crasher Crashes Himself

He came to try and crash them, but it backfired lol. Like Comment Subscribe Turn on notifications to be the first to see ...

"Friendly" Crashers In VRChat!

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