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Is The 5-Second Rule True?

Watch me lift a car (and then drop it) with phone books! Vsauce video on "touch" and why bananas are radioactive: Vsauce on THNKR (4-part interview with me!): All music by 5-second rule facts: Applied Microbiology: Jillian Clarke: Mythbusters: minutephysics on "touch": Electrons as waves: Adhesion: Intermolecular Forces: Molecule speed (interactive): Molecular Dynamics: Phone book friction: Orders of Magnitude: Germ facts: Oatmeal Cell Phone Germs QUIZ: The best way to clean your computer screen: Produced by: Directed by: Cinematography:

What Can You Do Without a Brain?

Vsauce3: BACKYARD BRAIN CHANNEL: Electrical impulses from di-embodied limbs: BackyardBrains INSANE squid axon reactions to music: Frog legs move when salted VIDEO: Music by Jake Chudnow: Mike the headless chicken: Cockroach's can live without heads for a while: Speed of a sneeze: Reflexes: "Why can't I consciously make my heart stop beating?" More on the frogs and electricity and muscles in general: Skin cells after death:

The Napkin Ring Problem

Brain Candy Live FALL TOUR: The Curiosity Box: LINKS TO LEARN MORE BELOW! my twitter: Adam and I (but mainly Adam) making a kendama: Orange Oil: Napkin Ring Problem: Cavalieri's Principle: BIG THANKS: Eric Langlay stayed up all night with me so that this video could come out today. MUCH LOVE Grant from 3Blue1Brown helped me wrap my head around this topic: music by Jake Chudnow: and via AudioNetwork:

Are We Ready For Aliens?

FOLLOW MICHAEL STEVENS: **Big thanks to Antonius from AVbyte for helping with audio! His channel is great: ** My video about space travel and the Fermi Paradox and Drake equation: What to do if you meet an alien: UN Office of Outer Space Affaris: Galileo and forward contamination: SETI declaration: Royal Society on post-detection policies: Mazlan Othman denies Earth/Alien ambassadorship: Paul Davies as Earth/Alien ambassador: RIO SCALE: RIO SCALE CALCULATOR: RIO SCALE applied to movies and real life: face on mars: See SETI data live! Help SETI process data with your own computer! SETI and first contact steps: Apollo Quarantine: Outer Space Treaty: fibonacci poster: Stephen Hawking and aliens: "Sex at Dawn" book: BERLIN from space tweet: Pakistan / India border from space: Alien Autopsy [VIDEO]: Alien Autopsy story: More sources: GOOD WIKIPAGES: